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HORTI multifunctional 600W*6 Internal reflector fixture system

The 600W HPS Internal Reflective Silver lighting fixture is the most advanced and efficient artificial light system in the world. Reflector lamp is the most efficient light source for crops growing

  • Increase the light, solve the problem of reducing production and insect pest caused by insufficient light
  • Spectrum optic match is more scientific.
  • More in line with the requirements of fruit and vegetable seedling, and flowering and fruit-setting.
  • Portable installation, multiple greenhouses are used in turn, high utilization rate and low cost.
  • Grow light and temperature at the same time, grow light while increasing the temperature inside the greenhouse, and effectively reduce the humidity inside the greenhouse.
  • Excellent product quality, long lifetime, one-time investment with many years benefits.



Easy installation, Multiple greenhouses are used in turn, with high utilization and low cost.

Light spectral


Light spectral is more scientific, more suitable for crops flowering and fruit set.

Temp. & Light

Supplement together

Light and temperature are all supplementing together, decrease the humidity inside the greenhouse.


Light Quantiy 6
Power 600W
Input voltage 380V
Input power 3870W
Input current per phase 6A
Minimum power factor 0.99
THD <10%
Peak number <1.7
Dimensions L470xW558xH91mm
Weight 20.5kg+1.3kg
Dimensions of lamp L405xW146xH198mm
Precautions of installation and application
Max shell temperature 70℃/158℉
Ambient temperature -20℃...+40℃
Trigger voltage 5KV
Max length of light line 10m/32ft
Max humidity 95%


  • patented product, reflection efficiency is up to 99%, long lifetime

Lamp holder

  • high quality ceramic lamp holder, the angle of light output is adjustable


  • constant power output, high output efficiency, end of lamp life, Open circuit, short circuit, ignition protection


  • The system can be closed automatically after the completion of grower light

Plug and play connector

  • safe, portable, plug and play


  • High strength load bearing, strong aging resistance

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