Megaphoton in 2021Russian Horticulture Exhibition

15 June 2021

Megaphoton's Russian subsidary has taken part in the Horticulture of Russia Exhibition held from June 6th to 8th, 2021 in Moscow, where we presented our latest HID and LED products

Nowadays, the whole world is still in the unstable stage of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has incurred huge impact on the world economy. FAO (the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) recently stated that the prices of agriculture products will rise to a 10-year high. Nevertheless, the crisis brought by the epidemic can be seen as an opportunity for us to locate the weaknesses of the world economy and smoothen the trend of digitalization, while in agriculture development, it will be focused on facility agriculture. The globe is now tackling the problems of the epidemic and embarking on economic recovery. As a global advanced manufacturer of facility agriculture, Megaphoton has been on the front line of restoring agricultural production, providing advanced equipment and solutions for facility agriculture. During the exhibition, we discussed with our customers about the current issues within the field, and supplied favorable solutions and preferential prices, which we had been committing to all the time-to achieve the best business conditions.