More Light Output

Longer Lasting

Hongfu 13 Ha modern smart greenhouse

  • Location Daqing, China
  • Crop Tomato
  • Size About 13 Ha
  • Products Used 1000W/380V, 7000+
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  • High-quality tomatoes all year round
  • Tomatoes with better flavor
  • Increase production per m2

In 2018, Megaphoton completed the phase one smart greenhouse project for Hongfu Agriculture, and more than 7,000 HPS lighting fixtures were installed. These fixtures guarantee that Hongfu can achieve year-round tomatoes production to constantly meet consumers' demands. The project is located in Daqing, a northeastern city of China, where tomato is not suitable for year-round cultivation due to the continental climate, however, Megaphoton 1000W HPS HORTI lighting system make this possible.

Be exposed to sufficient artificial light, the tomato plants are able to produce enough sugars to facilitate their growth and the outgrowth of fruit. What’s more, by taking good advantage of the radiant heat from the lamps, the plants could grow better during the long cold winter days in north China. These fixtures not only contribute to achieving year-round production and increasing yield, but also improve the color, shape, fragrance and taste of fruits.

The trustworthy products and services get highly recognized by Hongfu Agriculture, so Megaphoton’s fixtures will be continuously installed in the phase two projects in 2019. Thanks for Hongfu’s trust, as a world leader in assimilation lighting system, Megaphonton is committed to improving products and services.



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